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Image Credit: MTVI would normally only make a list featuring 10 slap-worthy moments because 10 is just a great, list-friendly number. But we deserve a supersized list because Leah, the focus of last night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, had twins (and really cute ones, might I add).

So, you know the drill. Here’s my list of 20 moments that made me want to slap someone.

++ Leah’s eloquent explanation of her and Corey’s relationship. ”We met at a party one night and one thing led to another.”

++ ”Corey was just supposed to be a rebound.” Well, you scored a two-pointer instead, Leah.

++ Did I mention Corey and Leah were dating one month before she got pregnant?

++ Corey’s observational skills: ”Two kids is going to be twice the expense.”

++ Corey’s semi-creepy statement “but you ain’t never been with a man before.” Well, she is 17, buddy. (For the record, he was two years older.)

++ “This truck has been better to me than Leah has,” Corey claimed as he sold his beloved truck to buy a more family-friendly mode of transportation.

++ Corey’s nickname for his truck: Black Thunder.

++ Corey laughing at Leah after she peed her pants. The girl was pregnant with twins!

++ Listening to the letter Leah wrote when she was nine years old, where she talked about wanting to go to college and be a doctor. Oy.

++ Leah’s reflection: “It’s not just that Corey’s driving fast. This whole relationship is going too fast.” Going? More like went.

++ “I hated missing Homecoming week.” But that whole almost going into pre-term labor thing was okay, right?

++ Corey wiping off his Leah’s kiss. But maybe he was just scared she has cooties. Oh, wait…

++ The restaurant bathroom sign hanging on the couple’s bathroom door. That’s just poor decorating.

++ Corey holding his child on one arm like a frozen holiday ham.

++ Leah thinking ex-boyfriend Robbie could be anything more than a teenager. One look at that kid, and it was obvious he wasn’t going to volunteer to be a teen dad to two twins that weren’t his. Someone should have told her that.

++ Leah trying to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend while Corey was at home with the kids.

++ Leah’s unreasonable expectations. It took her far too long to realize her going-out days were over.

++ Corey and Leah’s back and forth. Dear Corey, Leah was using you. She saw you as convenient. Dear Leah, you’re extremely immature. The end.

++ Leah’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day. ”I like it better when I’m with someone and feel like I’m special at all, like I’m supposed to be in this world.” What about your twins?!

++ This excerpt from Leah’s closing thoughts: ”I hate my life I really do.” I really hope her children never see this show when they grow up.

Did you watch last night’s 16 and Pregnant, PopWatchers? Did it drive you crazy, too?

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