By Dan Snierson
April 06, 2010 at 04:05 AM EDT

Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABCIt’s time to unbutton our shirts just a little and get comfortable, because we’re about to unwrap “The Package,” a.k.a. last week’s episode of Lost, which featured [SPOILER ALERT!] a mature-audiences-only Sideways story for Jin and Sun, as well as an Island adventure that brought back Desmond and took away Sun’s English. After Yunjin Kim introduces this installment of Totally Lost with a bit of mystery, we get Lost in translation, discussing everything from surprise Sideways guests to Sun’s language barrier to why Widmore transported Desmond to the Island. We also offer teasers for tonight’s episode of Lost, “Happily Ever After,” and an analysis of a certain promo strategy. (Note: Turns out that the great Stephen Colbert already beat us to the punch, but what can we say? If we can’t be as timely, let’s at least be not as funny.) After you watch, tell us below: Where do you think the Sideways story is going? Which blast from the past would you most like to see in the Sideways world? What did you make of Sun’s aphasia? And how does Desmond fit into Widmore’s plan?

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