By Mike Bruno
Updated April 06, 2010 at 08:48 PM EDT

Aww, Molly the Owl, dozing quietly on the live 24-hour Web stream from her owl house in San Marcos, Calif. Aww, Molly the Owl, tending to her nest, sitting on her little owl eggs. Oh my! Molly’s owlets just hatched. Wow, this is the cutest site I’ve ever stared at for half the workday. Oh look, Molly the Owl has a visitor. That must be daddy owl, McGee. And he’s brought something to her. It looks like a…rodent? It is. A cute little rodent of some sort. Aww. And now they’re…oh my…OMG! They’re…they’re…killing the poor thing! And it’s, like, gory. Really quite gory.

Okay, still fascinating, but perhaps slightly less adorable. Nature is neat. And brutal.