Credit: Peter Mountain

Image Credit: Peter MountainEvery year, a few days before Christmas, I plop myself down on my couch to watch Love Actually. And every year, I always wonder why Andrew Lincoln, the actor who plays Keira Knightley’s love interest in the movie, has yet to really hit it big here in the States. I mean, audiences for the beloved holiday romantic comedy are actually cheering for him to stalk Keira Knightley’s married character by constantly filming her — something that would be somewhat creepy in real life, but in rom-com world, is oh-my-gosh-so-romantic-squee!

So I’m thrilled to see that (according to The Hollywood Reporter) he’s nabbed the starring role, small-town cop Rick Grimes, in AMC’s zombie thriller, The Walking Dead, which is based on a comic book series. I’ll admit that I’ve never seen Lincoln in anything other than Love Actually, but to me, he is perfect for this role, . And I will support this casting choice until I look like, well, a dead ol’ zombie. I say this after seeing comments from Robert Kirkman — the author of the comic books — about Lincoln: “Andrew Lincoln, wow — what an amazing find this guy is…. Writing Rick Grimes month after month in the comic series, I had no idea he was an actual living breathing human being, and yet here he is.”

Who else is happy for Lincoln?