By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated April 06, 2010 at 01:14 PM EDT

MTV is looking for “the proudest, loudest, and wildest to carry on the legacy” of what the casting announcement calls “the international phenomenon” known as Jersey Shore. The requirements are rather intense. One must have “killer shades, awesome hair, bandanas, and bling.” One must be a “tanned and toned fist pumper” and “love the shore.” One must “dominate the gym, tear up the dance floor, and rule the bedroom.” One must “be at least 21 and appear to be under 30.” Oh: And “no haters allowed.” In italics. Interestingly, it appears one needn’t be a “guido or guidette,” as was the controversial (and mad publicity-generating) case last season (though the Web page does flaunt a bold red, white, and green color scheme). Jersey Shore has gone equal-opportunity. If you are “ready to creep and beat up the beat,” you are what they want, regardless of heritage or self-identification with derogatory terms for specific ethnicities. In fact, you are what I want then, too, if only to explain to me what that could possibly mean.

Will you be undertaking the extensive Jersey Shore application process, PopWatchers? If you will, please share with all of us your answer to this entry on the questionnaire: “How do others show you respect? At the club, in the streets, in the gym etc.” I’m just really curious about this.

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