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The glittering bounty of Hidden Gem of the Week nominations in the comments section of Tuesday morning’s Dancing With the Stars recap was so rich in bitchy randomness that I decided to compile them all in a post. After the jump, a smattering of Visible Gems! Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews in “The Great Butt Grab” lead our Hidden Gems roundup.

”Hidden gem: After Ochocinco got his scores and they went back to Tom, there was a guy in the audience, just to Tom’s right, who had a glowing red halo around his head.” —old john

”During Derek and Nicole’s interview with Brooke, it was obvious why men should NOT wear white, flat fronted pants while dancing, or really at all. ‘Little Derek’ was very noticeable in that section, as was the cameraman who moved the shot up to chest level!!!” —Tricia

”I vote for Derek’s gem (see crotch on white pants) ready to anchor while being interviewed after their dance!” —Angel

”Maks’ butt grabs on Erin, geez” —@ayray333

”Totally noticed Maks’ stray hand. If there’s not something going on, there should be. He looks so incredibly happy this season.” —Fridge

”I so noticed too. I’m a little jealous of Erin, but they’re perfect together.” —vera

”Hidden Gem of the Week: Maks’ hand on Erin’s behind. It just seemed to belong there! Love, love their chemistry.” —Joanie

Love Maks & Erin (loved the “security” tee-shirt he was wearing).” —principessa73

BONUS MAKS/ERIN SHOT! —Annie not wanting to start her recap

“Vampira behind Tom Bergeron, Stage Right in the red costume.”—twinmom

”Saw that one… had to wonder for a minute if she was sitting there just wearing a blouse… couldn’t see her skirt at first.” —Deb4327

“The lady in the front row with the red mini dress, super high heels and strategically placed legs.” —glenn

”No, it has to be [Aiden Turner’s] pixelated puke… has to be the pixelated puke.That has to be a television first!” —Elizabeth

”During the judges’ comments, it looked like one of Niecy’s eyes was carrying a greater load of fake eyelashes – or they were getting ready to eject from her eyelid!” —Barb

”Yep — looked like a giant caterpillar had landed on the eyes.” —Suzequ

”I’ve got a “Hidden Gem” for ya. Early in the show, when the panned the audience, you saw Mark Ballas sitting like 4 or 5 rows back. Seriously? They couldn’t get him a better seat?” —Lilly

”He was probably wearing some godawful socks that they were trying to keep off of the screen.” —old john

”Or they were afraid his open guppy face would distract from the dancers.” —MG34TX

”I think the hidden gem should definitely go to the pros faces after Kate’s ‘dance.’ Especially Cheryl and Louie’s. The look should just go ahead and be labeled Unimpressed/Disgusted. Beautiful!” —JRod

”Cheryl’s face after Kate’s dance (complete with sigh and eye roll). That for me was one of the night’s best HIDDEN GEMS! :)” —Liz

“I nominate Jake’s head-nodding, ‘right on, sister’ applause behind Kate when she was talking to Brooke about being stalked by paparazzi. He obviously felt her pain for being hounded by the press for…what?? being a fame-seeking ‘realebrity’?! Boo Hoo!” —queue55

”Totally agree. Time for Jake to go as well. Also, I thought there was a height requirement for pilots, I guess not.” —Sheryl

”Hidden Gem: Definitely the Bachelor dude nodding sagely behind Kate as she talked about what a chore it is to have the paparazzi following her around all the time!” —Nancy

”Nodding sagely? Actually, he reminded me of one of those bobblehead things people have in their cars.” —Barb

”Best part of the ep? Jake nodding like crazy in the background as Kate said the paparazzi follow celebs…ok reality stars, we know you have it bad, stop doing tv if you hate it.” —Liz

”Not so hidden gem was the way Jake was nodding earnestly in the background after Kate danced while she talked about the paparazzi. He cracked me up because he really *felt* what she was feeling, lol.” —Mo

”Agree with those who pointed out Jake’s stupid nodding in agreement to Kate’s comments about paparazzi. Cuz he’s such a big star. Barf.” —JH

”I’m going to nominate my new favourite element about the show this season as a Hidden Gem. They’ve even taken the liberty of hiding it in plain sight/sound, making it so obvious that I nearly missed it! I’m speaking, of course, about the fact that the theme song (the version that plays when the couples are descending the staircase) now has lyrics! “Ba-ba-da-da-da-da-daah, ba-ba-da-da-da!” You were even able to see the singers performing it when the camera cut to the band! Why have I never taken the time to write my own lyrics (and would they have been as moving if I had)? —Axed84

”The woman sitting behind Tom after Evan’s dance with the severely asymmetrical hair – yikes. A Kate fan??” —JH

”The man behind Bruno who had a man behind him who was wearing a hat. When the angle was just right, it looked like the hat was just floating in the air above the front guy’s head.” —JH

”Hidden gem…did you see the dubious look from Florence Henderson after Kate’s ‘dance’?” —Carol K

Spotted near a spotlight: mirrorball pants on Buzz’s wife, Lois Aldrin on Tuesday night. —Annie not wanting to start her recap

Last but not least: Shannen Doherty’s eliminated face exploding into a bunch of jewels.

Thank you for the nominations, DANCMSTRs!


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