By Lynette Rice
Updated April 06, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

SPOILER ALERT: We talked to the second contestant eliminated on Tuesday night’s Dancing With the Stars! After the jump, learn more about the latest hoofer to say goodbye to the mirror ball.

After earning a mere 13 points last night, Buzz Aldrin became the second dancer to get the boot from Dancing With the Stars. We talked to the former astronaut and his partner Ashly Costa about how they were judged and what he hoped his appearance on the show did for the nation’s space program.

EW: How do you feel?

BUZZ ALDRIN: On top of the world!

What are you going to take away from this experience?

The satisfaction of really pushing myself, accepting a challenge and doing the best I can to spread interest among Americans and the rest of the world about the achievements of success that I was a part of in the past – the Mercury, the Gemini, and the Apollo programs, and the Space Shuttle. And most of all, (to appreciate) the wonderful challenges we face. It takes patience to see lasting important things, and the American people are very focused on what’s in it for me right now. Impatience! It took us less than a decade to get to the moon. It’s going to take us maybe two decades to get to Mars, but it will be so worth it.

Were you surprised when Len said he thought you were safe?

Well we were certainly planning on staying, at least another couple of weeks. If Len said that, why didn’t he boost the (voting) a little bit?

Do you think the judging was fair?

ASHLY COSTA: It’s unbelievable what Buzz did, and I was a little bit disappointed that the judges didn’t see that every week he improved. For who he is and what he’s accomplished, it was quite amazing.

ALDRIN: You’d make a good judge, you know that?

Ashly, what was it like to come back after a couple of seasons away?

COSTA: I loved it, it was an honor to be with Buzz and to be his teacher. I will miss hearing his stories. It’s fascinating. I wish everybody could hear what he was telling me.

Buzz, what have you learned about yourself by doing this show?

ALDRIN: That I don’t really build up big expectations and I can accept what comes my way. I just feel very warm about the last couple of weeks, making new friends, reaching out to people that haven’t heard about me before or haven’t thought about me for a while. I’m happy to re-kindle those acquaintances. They are distant but they are very valuable to me.

So now that its all over, Buzz, which environment was crazier — here or the moon?

There was a un-reality about our being there. We knew where we were but it just seemed unreal to be somewhere that had been dreamt about by so many people and to actually see what it is, and say wow, this is really something! And its real. But the dance floor, that was reality. It’s hard wood.