By Ken Tucker
Updated April 06, 2010 at 03:07 PM EDT

I’ve always liked Brad Garrett as a stand-up comedian, and he was the perfect guy for the woefully imperfect brother on Everybody Loves Raymond. But with the cancellation of ‘Til Death, which was one of those odd is-that-still-on? TV phenomena, he’s probably considering new projects. (Here’s a clip from ‘Til Death, and as a public service, I’m presenting one with the dialogue in German — it’s very slightly more funny this way.)

One things that baffles me is the… point… of his current spate of 7-Up commercials. Is the idea that he’s a sullen celeb constantly hounded by paparazzi who can only be cheered up by drinking soda? Really? Brad Garrett as a persecuted star, and we’re going to want to buy product out of, what, sympathy?

Garrett clearly needs to tap back into the controlled rage he used to deploy so effectively in his stand-up act. May I suggest that he go the John Lithgow route and take a Very Mean Guy, possibly even Insane-But-In-Control Serial Killer role in a classy cable show? I’m sure Dexter is booked, but they’ll probably be looking for a little fresh violence over there on Damages (say a prayer it goes on another season), and that series has done well casting comedians in serious roles. I could even see him as a rival coach to Sue Sylvester on Glee; the similar withering-sarcasm could work.

Do you agree that Brad Garrett has to get away from the 7-Up and go a bit “dark” at this point in his career?

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