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Updated April 05, 2010 at 08:29 PM EDT
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Date Night costars Tina Fey and Steve Carell sat down to interview one another for Cinemax’s “60 Seconds With…” series. Watch the results after the jump. Here’s what we learned:

• Carell once worked a night shift at what we assume was a convenience store, and a woman came in at around 4 a.m., tears streaming down her face, and bought a microwave burrito (insert a classic Fey/Liz Lemon face that says “understandable”). She asked him, “Am I pretty?” She’d just walked in on her boyfriend cheating and Carell had to console her. Were I ever to be cheated on, this is exactly the scenario I would dream up, only Carell would deliver. And bring Stephen Colbert.

• If Carell had lost a nipple during his 40 Year Old Virgin chest wax scene, Fey imagines it would look like button candy on the strip.

• Carell is not a gun man (shockingly), but he was a Civil War reenactor at one point in his life: “I was, but I played the fife,” he says. (Or, he could have just be referencing the film he’s producing for Ed Helms about three reenactors and a black history professor who get transported back to the actual Civil War.)

• Fey would rather be able to fly than live under water because taking flight is a better way to get out of awkward conversations.

• Fey believes Liz Lemon is the better boss because she’d just do your work for you, while Michael Scott is the better lover: “I imagine he would be generous to a disgusting fault… desperately generous. And Liz Lemon would be trying to get it over with.”

• Fey’s dream role is in a raw dramatic film about a stripper with a heart literally made of gold — “She’s part robot.” (Note: She could have both a British and a Southern accent.)

• Fey doesn’t have a driver’s license.

• Fey believes movies should be like a game of shirts and skins: The women wear shirts, the men do not.

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