By Annie Barrett
April 05, 2010 at 08:32 PM EDT
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All the stuff on the top of or tenuously attached to Nicolas Cage’s head looks this way because he’s shooting a film called Drive Angry. Doesn’t it just make you wanna call him just Nic now? Maybe you were doing that already. Nic Cage. Like ‘Ric Cartman, the newscaster. Like that guy Nic who hangs out on the street. Which other celebrities should never go blonde? Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Brobee, Slezak…. Well, I’ve named all my favorite celebrities!

If you’re up for a real challenge, try to wrap your poorly conditioned blonde weave tips around the following Nic Cage excerpt from this weekend’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice press conference at WonderCon…. “I went on Dick Cavett many years ago and met Miles Davis. And I was talking about things like art synthesis and Picasso and you can do with acting what he did, or with music, and Miles came out and he got it, you know, he was looking at me, he gave me this, like – he nodded and he winked at me. Miles Davis, you know. And we were sharing the trumpet. And ever since then, because he accepted whatever my philosophy was, I believe that I wanted to approach acting as jazz. And so he became like a surrealist father of sorts, along with Walt Disney.” [via i09]

Huh. So….the blonde thing?

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