In case you missed the news when it broke, John Corbett can’t stop confirming that he will, in fact, be in Sex and the City 2. On Monday’s Lopez Tonight (watch a preview after the jump), he explains: “Somebody shot a picture of me last October in Morocco and they said ‘John Corbett’s here in Morocco shooting Sex and the City 2 the movie,’ right? And I’d been saying for six months that wasn’t me, that picture was taken in Istanbul ten years ago, because I had direct orders not to say I was in that movie but now I can say ‘I’m going to be in the Sex and the City movie.'” Hooray! (Right?)

Even more exciting: Corbett reveals how he began dating Bo Derek eight years ago. It’s so Hollywood, you have to simultaneously love it and loathe it. “My buddy is this great guy… [agent] Norby Walters…he puts this big Oscar party on [Night of 100 Stars]…this was eight years ago, and he said ‘Come to the party?’ and I said ‘You know, I’m not really dating anyone right now,’ and he said, ‘I’ll fix you up on a date.’ So he slips this thing under my door with 20 really famous ladies on it. But one name that jumped out at me. I put a one and a circle around it, and I stuck it back under his door and he called me up and said, ‘One name, you give me one name?’ And that name was Bo Derek, and we’ve been together eight years now…

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