By Annie Barrett
Updated April 01, 2010 at 04:41 PM EDT
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Damn you, Sheryl Crow! “Everything Man,” the song from the guest star’s jam session with Grayson at the end of last night’s episode with the same title, is stuck in my head — particularly one of Crow’s solo lines, “Pleeeeeease beeee miiiiiiiiiine…” Eh. A bit desperado for my taste. Two great parts about that final scene: Travis capturing his mom Jules for another unstaged photo op (she looks hot when she’s depressed) and Laurie offering her frank and dreamy-eyed review of Grayson and Sarah’s duet: ”Wow. She is way, way better than you.” Oh, Laurie.

Busy Philipps has become my Personal Jesus — her reaction shots of disgust/condescension/cluelessness (a lofty mix) are the main reasons I watch Cougar Town on Wednesdays instead of on Saturday afternoons along with my favorite television shows about models. Like Jules and Grayson’s relationship, Laurie and Ellie’s bond has always been fraught with a certain strain of friendsion, but sometimes they share a moment — like the one pictured — in which their spirits mesh together in a cackling blob of silliness, indulgence, and total bitch. Here, they were ganging up on Travis because sweet teenage delusion has him believing he and girlfriend Kylie will stay together after going to separate colleges. Both actresses were truly cracking up for about five seconds. I love when that happens because I loooooove to laugh, like Mary Poppins’ Uncle Albert.

My favorite moments:

  • The international sign for Lady Turnoff (punctuated by whiplash sound effect)
  • Jules on Sheryl Crow’s hair: “It’s like you hit your head on a rock and honey came pouring out.”
  • Laurie: “What kind of skank…wears a watch?” / “If I wanted to be a bathroom attendant, I would have stayed a bathroom attendant.” / “There is nothing less sexy than a dude who respects a restraining order.”
  • Bobby and Andy’s “apology hugs,” complete with ass-slap
  • Andy to Ellie: “I thought your buckethead would be filled with fish guts, but then it was filled with SEX.”

I’m dying to party in that Special Bathroom, but only if Jules isn’t there to yell at me for touching, like, the air. What were your favorite lines from last night — and has “Everything Man” trumped “Confident in My Sexualité” for you in Grayson’s extensive Neighbor Buddy Songbook? And should Sheryl Crow have to sing all her lines from now on? That might be better for everyone.

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