Chelsea Handler

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the first woman revealed as a Jesse James mistress, is engaged in a little war of words with E!’s Chelsea Handler. And I tell you what: The Bombshell has got her some chutzpah. I don’t think I would ever dare to fight the acid-tongued Handler. This is, after all, someone who told me a few months ago how hard it is for her to keep from telling some of her guests “how stupid they are” directly to their faces.

Apparently, McGee does not intimidate easily. Handler struck first blood with a joke on her blog about McGee: “I guess she doesn’t read magazines which makes sense, since she basically has one on her face.” Okay, it’s a funny line. And, quite honestly, a fairly tame one for Handler. But McGee fired back on her Facebook page: “Chelsea, here’s some free advice: Use some of that Botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin. I’ve seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken.” (Mmm…KFC chicken.)

On her show last night, Handler hit back, first repeating the chicken wing line and wagging her underarms while making jokes about dipping them in blue cheese dressing. But that good humor took a dark turn when she lost her temper a bit and fired off, “First of all, look at my forehead, you dumb b—, okay? It moves….You have a tattoo on your forehead, so you have had a needle in your forehead — and probably Jesse James’ balls. So shut your face.” (See clip after the jump.)

Yet things aren’t quite over yet. McGee’s most recent post on her page reads: “In all seriousness, Im a big fan of Chelsea Lately…I was laughing my ass off…. feel so honored to have a transexual poke fun of me…” Alright, so declare yourself PopWatchers: Team Handler or Team McGee?