Let the online games begin! It’s April Fools Day and the Internet is celebrating. A few of the pranks we’ve spotted this morning:

Funny or Die becomes Bieber or Die. This is kinda genius. It will introduce Funny or Die to a whole new demo as young girls visit the site to see exclusive videos like “Bieber After the Dentist,” “Justin Bieber Screensaver,” and “Dramatic Bieber.” Warning: It also means he’ll be trending again on Twitter today.

Google changes its name to Topeka. This is in response to the mayor of Topeka, Kan., unofficially changing his city’s name to Google for the month of March as a way to compete for a spot in Google’s Fiber for Communities program, which will bring experimental, ultra high-speed broadband networks to a small number of locations. advertises exciting new shows likeThe Blind Sayid (pictured) and Grey’s Astronomy (funnier would have been if they said Defying Gravity was returning), as well as a crossover event in which All My Children‘s Erica Kane gets stranded with the Lost castaways.

What else is out there, PopWatchers?