Now That's What I Call a Single Glass of Red Wine!

By Annie Barrett
March 31, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

I’ve started deliberately drinking red wine whenever I watch Cougar Town. It’s become like any cooking show: You need to indulge in whatever’s on-screen or the Agony and the Envy will reduce you to a bitter, craving mess. I realized last night that I’ve been pouring my wine incorrectly this whole time. And I need to remember to take the first sip hands-free, but I should be using my hands while driving a car. Thank you, Cougar Town, for teaching me how to live more fabulously. As Jules said in last night’s episode, ”Turn This Car Around,” Bite me! I can still change! Bitches be loco. A few more full-boded, fruity revelations with slight hints of oak:

· Sheryl Crow makes an okay guest star. Grayson and Sheryl Crow dating, though? Nah.
· Paper Buddy continues to bonk women so young they may actually be from the future. Good continuity here — we don’t want his sexual friendsion with Jules to be the only thing he has going on.
· ”Travis” the horse dog sitting on Andy’s face made me die inside but was kind of awesome. Sometimes I love that this show is so blatant about being shot on a big-ass soundstage, which was especially clear as the beast dragged Andy across the ”concrete parking lot.” Adds to the camp factor.
· Best Ellie moment: Checking her watch during Jules’ ”This is who I am” speech at the kitchen island.
· That song during the final montage was ”Animal” by Miike Snow. The original is fantastic, but I think the Treasure Fingers and Fred Falke remixes are even better. Bop at your desk!