Today it was announced that Craig Ferguson has won a Peabody Award, the most prestigious award bestowed for, as they put it, “broadcasting excellence in news and entertainment.”

Ferguson won for a specific episode, his March 2009 interview with Bishop Desmond Tutu. It figures that a serious award would go to an edition of The Late Late Show that was pretty serious, but the truth is, Ferguson’s “broadcasting excellence” also extends to when he’s conducting other, lighter one-on-one interviews, such as his Stephen Fry chat-fest, or simply when he’s monkeying around withe the conventions of the late-night talk-show. No one is matching the guy for inventiveness, silliness, probity, wit, and the sheer range of his curiosity.

Among the other winners were Glee, Modern Family, and In Treatment. Yay to all of those, and you can read a complete list of winners here.

But a special congrats to Ferguson; long may his Robot Skeleton Army thrive and continue to claim fresh souls for the eventual takeover of the world! (I think I just scared all the Peabody winners from PBS and NPR… )

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