By Michael Ausiello
March 31, 2010 at 06:32 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FoxNot since Elisha Cuthbert tangled with that cougar back in season 2 has a 24 story line been subject to such widespread ridicule as the current imbroglio involving Katee Sackhoff’s CTU analyst/mole, Dana Walsh. And rest assured, executive producer Howard Gordon — who’s currently overseeing production of the show’s series finale — is well aware of just how poorly the plot has been received.

“God almighty there has been a Dana backlash,” bemoans Gordon, who argues that “thrillers have a finite number of tropes. It’s like saying, ‘Another murder on CSI? Are you kidding?!’ Moles and betrayals are the stock-in-trade of the show.

“I understand how it appears [to be] tiresome and lazy storytelling, but I really would betray anyone to try to sit in our chair and figure out how to do 24 continuous, real-time episodes, without using certain devices,” the exec continues. “I would implore people to be more patient with Dana.”

What say you? Do you have any more patience to spare when it comes to the Dana plot? And do you think it deserves the title of 24‘s second dopiest plot ever? Sound off below! (Reporting by Lynette Rice)