By Emily Exton
March 30, 2010 at 12:51 PM EDT

Spring Break felt different this year. Suddenly for our CRU seniors, it was no longer just an opportunity to party and forget all responsibilities (don’t they do that school anyway?) but rather just a momentary break from thinking about the future. And in case you haven’t noticed, no one has been thinking about the future more than Casey.

The episode’s focus on fear tied things together nicely: “Fear is natural, it’s good, it keeps you from making mistakes and doing things you’re not ready for,” Casey explained to Cappie, from high atop a bungee-jumping ledge. Of course her fear and the fear of many graduating seniors was much scarier than a measly hundred-foot drop.

Ultimately, Ashleigh handled this fear and uncertainty with the most poise. No longer merely Casey’s spacey sidekick, she’s risen to full-fledged comedienne this season, becoming the bright spot of almost every episode. And she wasn’t simply relegated to comic relief last night. For the first time it wasn’t confident Casey Cartwright who knew just where she should and would be after graduation, but Ashleigh, the girl who had come to college hoping to get a degree and a guy, and spent her years latched on to a pretty blonde best friend, immersing herself in sorority politics and stressing over formal dates and mixer themes. I thought her speech to “trendcaster” Faith Flowers (her fairy jobmother) was incredibly earnest, and found myself reliving moments of my own pre-graduation crisis. She sounded like a true 22-year-old, a person who wants a foot in the door but is not quite sure how to go about it. She can identify her passion and knows she would be much happier doing something that she loves instead of  something she doesn’t, simply because “that’s what people do.” I’m glad that she wasn’t automatically given a cushy assistant position with Flowers, and will be starting out with a more realistic unpaid internship (been there, done that!). Now with an option for the future, she has accepted that college will come to an end and that she is ready to leave CRU behind (showing Casey that it’s not that scary after all). Plus, the fact that she came to Myrtle Beach looking for a boy and left with a job was pretty empowering. Woo Team Ashleigh!

Since Casey has always been portrayed as the leader in her house and on campus, you can probably imagine how much I wanted to throw my nostalgic can of Natty Light at the screen when she was considering sticking around Cyprus… to be with Cappie, who will continue to make beer jokes in freshmen seminar classes until he’s 65,  and to work as the new Zeta Beta Zeta house-mother. Seriously?! You got into George Washington Law! I love Cappie and all, but their perpetual disagreement over the future, and his unwillingness to leave college, is starting to wear thin. While she is driven, she’s also a little bit of the girl who changes with every boyfriend she has. I was worried that Greek‘s finale was going the route of the exhausted TV series where everyone stays in the same place forever. While there isn’t any proof that this won’t ultimately happen (Cappie miraculously moves to DC! Casey’s rejection from CRU Law was a mistake!), I was pleased to see Casey put herself first, even though Cappie was devastated. My heart broke for Cappie… until he opened his mouth and became a total jerk! His reaction infuriated me. I understand that he can’t help feeling sad and rejected by her decision, and that breaking things off now may seem easier, but last time I checked, he’s the one going against the grain by staying in school longer than everyone else. Why should Casey adjust her life to fit his plans? Regardless, I’m sad at the possibility that this might be the end of these two. We’ve waited so long for them to be together, this just seems unfairly cruel.

But before the sadness of separation sets in, let’s remember the good times…

++ “Happy Spring Break Evan Pompeo… of Grey’s Anatomy fame” – Cappie, ever the pop culture connoisseur. Shouldn’t we offer him at job at EW at this point?

++ “My only comfort is knowing I’m below the Mason-Dixon Line” – Dale

++ The “Darwin Lied” poster in Dale and Rusty’s apartment (has that always been there? Amazing!)

What did you think about Greek‘s season finale? Will Cappie ever grow up? Are you happy that Evan and Rebecca got back together? Pleased with Kappa Tau’s prank on Omega Chi? Are you starting a countdown for the next season already?