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Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

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Image Credit: Albert Ferreira/StartraksWhere my Tori & Dean fans at? That’s right — I know you’re out there! Be proud. I’m rallying the T&D troops because I recently chatted with the celeb couple themselves about the upcoming season of their show. Which, in case you didn’t know, launches one week from today on April 5. On Oxygen, of course! The first episode launches with T&D heading out on a road trip with both babies — Liam, 3, and Stella, 21 months — and “the guncles,” Tori’s gay-couple pals. (The photo above was taken in their RV.) Here’s what the lovely couple had to say about the road trip premiere — and a variety of subjects:

ON THE ROAD TRIP: “It was my first big road trip,” Tori says. “I’ve never driven cross-country. It was a big thing for me. I liked all the truck stops. I’d never been introduced to them before and Dean got me addicted to them.” Why? “You can shop,” Tori adds. “I like any place where you can shop. To be honest, I’d never heard of a truck stop before.”

ON TRUCK STOPS: “You can get everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to artwork to CB radios,” Dean says. “Anything you can think of is at a truck stop.”

ON WHAT’S COMING UP THIS SEASON: “What the viewers will enjoy this season that’s different is that it really focuses on our relationship and goes really intimate and personal into our relationship,” Tori says. “The ins and outs of what happens to a married couple after four years and two kids and busy work schedules. I think parents and couples and women and men alike will appreciate how candid we are.”

ON THE KIDS GROWING UP ON SCREEN: “The kids are a huge part of this season,” Tori says, “because they’re older and they’re talking. That wasn’t something we planned on because last season they were so little. But now when the cameras are on, the funniest things come out of their mouths. It’s really cool to see them grow. Stella was just a baby last season and now she’s motoring everywhere and carrying purses.”

ON THE KIDS’ FIRSTS ON SCREEN: “There’s always firsts with kids growing up,” Dean says. “Liam got his first haircut, some first swear words, you know. I was kidding about those swear words!” Adds Tori: “The kids were in their first wedding, and we’re filming Liam’s third birthday. His birthday is going to be a superhero theme. He’s into Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman.”

ON BEING THE “KING AND QUEEN OF OXYGEN”: “I like that!” Dean says. “I’m going to get t-shirts made.”

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Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

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