By Mandi Bierly
March 29, 2010 at 02:25 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABCFor the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, Castle star Nathan Fillion submitted to a round of Stupid Questions. Sample: Speaking about you, Joss Whedon once told EW, “I honestly believe he’s Harrison Ford, if given a shot.” What then, if I may ask, is in that shot glass? Answer: “I’m more of a girl shot — if it has the name of a soda pop or a slippery body part, that’s more of a shot for me.”

Due to space, we were unable to use our favorite of Fillion’s responses. Enjoy it below. Tune in tonight for the conclusion of the two-part “Castle event” (ABC, 10 p.m. EST). There’s still a serial killer on the loose.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You once admitted to keeping a lightsaber by your front door for home security. Who exactly were you expecting to break in — Jawas?

NATHAN FILLION: You know, you never know who’s going to break into your home when you have a lightsaber handy… I had a party one night, and I was escorting the last of my guests to her car, and I looked down the street, and about four or five houses down, somebody was outside whippin’ a lightsaber around, a purple one. I said, Ohmygod, this is perfect. So I ran back into my house, got my lightsaber, it’s blue, hid it behind my back, and casually walked down the street. This kid, I’d put him in, like, his early 20s, sees me, and tries to act cool playing with the lightsaber. I said, “Hey, how you doin’?” He’s like, “Oh, hey. Good, good.” I said, “Oh, matter of fact, I’ve been looking for you.” [Lightsaber noise] And I whip out my lightsaber, and he doesn’t even laugh. I’m like, “Man, I walked down the whole block for this bit. It’s funnier than that.” I did scare the crap out of a couple that was standing on the sidewalk chatting right there. Then it was worth it.

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