By Catherine Garcia
Updated March 29, 2010 at 10:09 PM EDT

Most celebrity fragrances try to evoke images of springtime, fairies, and maybe a little bit of spice — but not the penal system.

That’s exactly what Akon’s new fragrances for men and women — called Konvict — remind me of. But can you blame me? They’re bottled in two separate handcuffs that link together by a chain, each one containing 1.7 ounces of eau du prison yard parfum. Way to keep the theme going with the cuffs, Akon! Does the purchase come complete with your own orange jumpsuit?

Konvict (tagline: “Break free and live the dream”) is currently available online, for a special price of $41.95. What’s cool is that, according to the website, 10 percent of each purchase will go to Akon’s Konfidence Foundation, which is “dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa.” Plus, the fragrances sound like they would smell decent — Konvict Femme has lemon, mandarin and vanilla and almond musk notes, while Konvict Homme features bergamot, lemon, and a touch of sandal and cedar wood.

It’s not surprising that Akon, whose albums have included Konvicted and Trouble, would create a fragrance along the lines of Konvict. What is surprising is that he didn’t ask his former collaborator Lady Gaga to put it in her product placement prison in the “Telephone” video.

So PopWatchers, what do you think of celebrity fragrances? Do you plan on purchasing Konvict, or do you have another go-to celebrity fragrance?