By Ken Tucker
March 27, 2010 at 04:36 PM EDT
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With the news that the final episode of 24 will air May 24 came the added quote that Kiefer Sutherland and his fellow producers hope to make a 24 feature film. Sutherland: “There has been a demand and an interest in a 24 film, which would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day.”

Sutherland has expressed this idea before, of course. In 2006, Sutherland told an interviewer, “The script is actually in development right now.” At that point, the star had hoped to shoot a film during the break between TV seasons. The current screenplay is being written by Billy Ray (State of Play).

But we should help out old Jack Bauer in the casting, don’t you think?

First of all, who should direct a 24 movie? My choice: Paul Greengrass, the Bourne Identity sequel master. Who’s your pick?

Next: Who should play the President of the United States, always a pivotal role. Hmmm,  if it’s a man, I’d say Morgan Freeman. Too obvious? Perhaps lure Gene Hackman out of semi-retirement? If it’s a woman… um, Meryl Streep? Helen Mirren with an American accent? Betty White?

How about a villain? Since on the TV series these have ranged from Sarah Clarke’s Nina Myers  to Jon Voight’s Jonas Hodges, the field is wide open. I’d say let’s try to cast against type. I choose… Patton Oswalt! Or how about stunt-casting: Who wouldn’t want to see Jack Bauer torture a terrorist played by Jon Gosselin?

Okay, the three categories:

Director, President, and Villain for a 24 feature film: Who do you pick?

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