The ''New Moon'' star hit the red carpet for the premiere of ''The Runaways,'' and we grade her looks

By Archana Ram
Updated March 26, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

NYC Premiere
If the Runaways press tour was Fanning’s coming-out as the red carpet’s newest fashionista, this ultra-chic Elie Saab was her crowning moment.

NYC After-Party
From her boyfriend blazer to her studded heels, it looks like the Runaways star picked up a thing or two about downtown cool from the rock & roll flick.

L.A. Premiere
The 16-year-old has been called precocious in many ways; add dressing like a star to that list, as she demonstrated in this perfectly polished Valentino.

SXSW Festival
Fanning’s studded mini was spot-on for the fest — we just wish the shoes were a little less purple, and a little less suede.