Readers respond to our Oscar coverage

By EW Staff
Updated March 26, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT
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  • As an actress, I agree with Oscar winner Jeff Bridges that acting truly is a ”groovy profession.” Thanks, Jeff and EW, for reminding me why I keep the dream alive!
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There was only a tiny photo of Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz in your issue. How about some respect for one of the night’s most deserving winners?
David Burnce
Burlingame, Calif.

I devoured your entire Oscar report — it was full of juicy behind-the-scenes details and analysis that we didn’t see on TV. But I expected to read something about the Best Foreign Language Film winner, Argentina’s The Secret in Their Eyes. It was the second Oscar for my dear country and the second nomination for Secret‘s director, Juan José Campanella. I’d love to see EW acknowledge lesser-known foreign filmmakers who contribute to what we enjoy here in the States. After all, Campanella also works on TV’s Law & Order and House.
Alejandro Garay

Senior editor Thom Geier responds: We plan further coverage of Secret — which we had predicted would win Best Foreign Language Film in our Oscar-odds package — closer to the time of its release in U.S. theaters this April.

Here’s another burning Oscar question: Why did Charlize Theron introduce Precious? Every other Best Picture nominee presenter had a connection to the film or one of its actors. But no one I know can find a Theron/Precious link.
Brian Michaels
Rockford, Ill.

Correspondent Adam Markovitz responds: According to Academy spokesperson Leslie Unger, ”The connection was that Charlize had portrayed a woman whose life had been filled with abuse in Monster, for which she won an Oscar.”

While I too was surprised that the Oscars’ ”In Memoriam” montage didn’t showcase an actress as prominent as Farrah Fawcett, there were other notables left out — like Richard Todd, who was an Oscar nominee for 1949’s The Hasty Heart. Shame on the Academy for ignoring such a fine actor.
Margaret Bortner

A Reader’s Must List Dilemma: Southland vs. Parenthood vs. Justified
Janice Zeltzer wrote us, ”Did you realize that three of your 10 ‘musts’ from last week — Parenthood, Justified, and Southland — are all on at 10:00 on Tuesdays? Thank goodness I have a DVR. But which do I watch live?” We put the question to our crack TV-department editors. Dalton Ross said: ”Janice, just be thankful we took pity on you and didn’t throw The Good Wife in there as well! When deciding what to watch live, start with anything that might be spoiled by waiting (like reality evictions). That’s not an issue here, so go live with my favorite, Justified.” Ken Tucker agreed: ”In general, watch the one you want to talk to friends about the next day. For me, that’d be Justified.” And Lesley Savage advised, ”Watch Justified live, DVR Parenthood to come down from the action of Justified, and record the repeat of Southland at 1 a.m. and watch it on Friday night when the TV options are slim pickings.” Looks like we have a consensus!