By Sandra Gonzalez
March 26, 2010 at 11:30 AM EDT
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Image Credit: Jack Rowand/The CWI had to Google the Cookie Crisp wizard last night. But even before I realized the origin of Pierce’s wizard outfit, I was laughing — the cookie wand tipped me off that my Mickey Mouse from Fantasia/random wizard hybrid theory was wrong. Joke wins; I fail. Wizardry aside, last night’s Community was a hoot —  even if you don’t have a vast knowledge of cereal mascots.

Britta tried to stop being a fun-sucker by engaging in April Fools’ Day shenanigans – errr shenanigan – but that worked out about as well as my attempt to I.D. Pierce’s wizard outfit. Abed learned that he didn’t need a TV to be entertained because life can be a movie (if you feed lines to people every now and then). And Annie and Shirley learned via some time on campus security detail that there is a little badass in everyone. Hilarity ensued.

Here are the 10 best lines from last night’s episode of Community.

“You’re more of a fun vampire because you don’t suck blood. You just suck.” — Troy

“My prank is gonna cause a sea of laughter, and I’m going to watch you drown in it.” — Britta

“I’m Annie Edison, but my friends call me ‘psycho’ because I had a nervous breakdown in high school. My partner is a Christian housewife.” — Annie

“From now on, April Fools’ Day is banished. At Greendale, April 1 is officially March 32 forever.” — Dean Pelton

“The toe-tag fits, Britta. You single-handedly killed and entire school’s buzz….” — Jeff

“I’ve got moves I haven’t even seen before.” — Annie

“I beg your pardon, Hannah Montana.” — Shirley. (I can’t decide whether that was an insult re: Annie’s age or eye makeup during this scene. Discuss.)

“These are not tears. This is self-inflicted friendly fire.” — Annie

“I am sick and tired of making excuses for you two. You’re an embarrassment to the department. You’re off the case and off the force. Your badges and windbreakers now. Now! I ain’t got all day. Agitating my sciatica. I’m too old for this.” — Abed, in his best ”boss” voice

“This process may alarm you. [Grabs Jeff’s head in order to get ”psychic vibes”] Oh! Gay, gay, gay, gay, so gay. Dark nightclub. Ugh. Throbbing music. Men’s room stall. Penis! Two penises! Oh! Gay! This is so gay! Ah!” — Pierce

Comment below with your favorite moments from the episode, and you’ll be promoted to Level 6 Laser Lotus. Okay, I lie — mere mortals would never be able to achieve that level of greatness. But I may reward you with a song from a well-dressed amphibious mariachi band…

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