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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC After the hilarious hometown pride argument and impromptu snowball throwing in last week’s “Don Geiss, America, and Hope,” the 30 Rock crew had a lot to live up to this week. The recent NBC-Comcast deal has given the writers plenty to work with, but on “Floyd,” things were much more organic. Laughs weren’t at the expense of major corporate acquisitions or famous guest-stars, but rather simply the result of creepy sex dreams involving Kenneth (kenmares?), low-road revenge schemes concocted by Jack (who likes to pick women up at the T.J. Maxx in Queens), and Liz Lemon… being Liz Lemon. Did I mention that there was a visit from Floyd (Jason Sudeikis), Liz’s best boyfriend ever? I’d elaborate, but I can see you salivating, so… let’s get onto the 10 best lines!

“It’s an honor to be nominated in the same category as Sir Dave Coulier” – Danny, who wrote the pump-up song for the Ottawa Senators

“That’s why I get all my news from Dick Cheney’s website,” – Jack “Silver Panther” Donaghy

“So if my grandfather had never gotten on the train that day, he never would have met his wife’s murderer!” — Kenneth, who always keeps his autobiography at hand

“Rejection from society is what created the X-men” — Liz, who has a profile on K-date, the personal section of the Kraft foods website

“They’re Boston Irish Catholic, they mate for life, like swans… drunk, angry swans” — Jack, who frequently makes spur-of-the-moment veterinarian appointments

“I had a dream that Kenneth and I got intimate in a jacuzzi… It was crazy, glistening black and white skin, it was like a close up of a killer whale being born!” — Tracy, whose teeth are only loose in real life

The Early Show? What am I, in the hospital?” — Liz, who once played a lady who was strangled on the toilet on America’s Most Wanted

“Unbelievable! It’s way too early for this, guys. I haven’t even had my first cup of wine!” — Pete, who wishes he could just slap the brat out of everyone

“I would never do that to you! Get you drunk on salmon, or any fish!” — Floyd, who will no longer order his sauce on the side

“And if you go on a cruise for your honeymoon, may it be free of pirates!” — Liz, whose best friend is TV, and will soon begin memorizing lines from the Corinthians under her Slanket

Poor Liz. She had to endure both the humiliation of finding that her ex-boyfriend had moved on AND accept responsibility for allowing him to fall off the sobriety wagon. I thought Floyd’s drunken anger towards her was a little harsh, but maybe this is just setting her up for Wesley Snipes during May sweeps? (Spring cleaning in England, that is).

What did I miss, PopWatchers? Did you enjoy watching Silver Panthers Jack and Danny inflict revenge on the nerds? Should Liz have taken the high road with Floyd? Would you fall victim to Kenneth’s sexy dance? (Can I get those peacock hot pants from the NBC gift shop?) Sound off below!

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