Image Credit: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.comMelissa McCarthy, beloved in PopWatch Land from her days as Sookie on Gilmore Girls and Dena on Samantha Who?, has landed the lead role in the CBS comedy pilot Mike and Molly. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mike and Molly, from Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men), revolves around “Mike (Billy Gardell), an overweight, charming police officer, and Molly (McCarthy), a pretty and plump woman, who meet at Overeaters Anonymous.”

Hmmm. It’s nice to see a broadcast network casting a different body type as a lead, but does it have to be justified by making it the focus of the show and a problem? What was so wonderful about Sookie’s storyline was that it didn’t involve her body. Yes, she was in the classic “best friend” role, but she was a confident, kick-ass chef who got married and became a mother. There was no question she or the audience felt she deserved that. She was a three-dimensional character.

Who knows how the pilot plays out. We just have to have faith in McCarthy to make this part as layered as Brooke Elliott‘s on Drop Dead Diva (which returns to Lifetime in June). That’s a show with a plot that revolves around weight — a model died and mistakenly sent herself back to Earth in the body of a brilliant plus-sized attorney — but when you watch Elliott you’re not thinking she’s a full-figured actress. You’re thinking she’s just a great one.