By Dalton Ross
Updated March 24, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

After starting the season with 20 people, and then taking a week off for basketball, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains was due for a double elimination episode, and on a special Wednesday night episode (thanks again, stupid college basketball which has me in dead last place in my office pool) we finally got it. But the real drama came courtesy of a duel between two of the game’s most notorious players, resulting in a delicious Tribal Council blindside. My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Dalton’s full Survivor recap is now live), but if you already watched and are ready to sound off on what happened, read on after the jump. [Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Only read if you already know who got eliminated.]

The fireworks began after a challenge in which the tribes competed against themselves for individual immunity and were instructed that both would be going to Tribal Council and voting someone off. The nincompoops over on the Heroes side finally figured out it wasn’t such a hot idea to keep a cripple around, and sent their buddy James packing over a past-his-prime Colby, whom James described as “Superman in a girdle”. (Kinda mean. Kinda accurate.) But the real drama was over on the Villains side, where Russell and Boston Rob engaged in a classic game of strategic cat and mouse, each constantly one-upping the other. It all ended with Russell somehow convincing Tyson to switch his vote to Parvati. Then in a move worthy of P.T. Barnum, Russell stood up at Tribal Council, and pretended to almost use the hidden immunity idol before dramatically handing it to Parvati instead, making Tyson the person with the next highest votes and sending the lanky wisecracker home. If you like to see the best Survivor has to offer in terms of two master players (Russell and Boston Rob) acting and reacting to one another, then this was the episode for you. If you like to see cocky players making inexplicably dumb decisions (Tyson) then this was the episode for you. And if you like hearing Sandra tell someone to “get in the ocean and wash your ass” then this was definitely the episode for you.

My full recap will be up at midnight, and Jeff Probst’s blog soon after, but in the meantime, check out the video player below for special pep talks that Tyson and James recorded for themselves before the game began as a little pick me up for after they got voted off. And for all the Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.