By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 24, 2010 at 01:47 PM EDT
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Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara guested on The Tonight Show last night and killed. It turns out she’d met Jay Leno’s other guest, Gerard Butler, about two years ago when he was “like a damsel in distress at the Chateau Marmont” and had no cash on him to pay the valet. Vergara intervened and lent him $60, because she didn’t want him to go all night without extra money. [Insert audience Ahhh.] Now, she figures he owes her $300. [Insert audience cheers.] Butler noted that he had tried to pay her back once. “Oh yeah, when we were with people, and he comes [to] me, ‘Okay, here’s the 60 bucks for the other night,'” she said. “I mean, at least come with like a respectable sum of money!”

Vergara also talked about her 18-year-old son, who she took to Vegas for his birthday because she thinks if he experiences things in moderation without mystery, he’ll stay a good kid. “Gambling, hookers!,” Butler cracked. “But me with, under my supervision,” she said. “Maybe that’s what you needed. Maybe you can do all that but with my supervision.”

“I’m likin’ the way this is goin’,” Butler cracked.

She also revealed that she wanted to be a dentist, and that she’s naturally blond. “This is all fake. I always say, ‘If you throw me, like, in a chlorine pool, then all the Latin goes away.'” Why did she darken her hair? “[Casting directors] wouldn’t believe that somebody that had this accent, the attitude, the body, and blond? They didn’t know where to put me.” Once she became brunette, she got a job. “I became the hot Latina immediately.”

Leno seemed determined to hook Butler and Vergara up, and I’d be fine with that couple. He asked her if she’d date an older man, like Gloria does on Modern Family. Butler started coughing. Vergara insisted she was older than him. But Butler told her he was like 60. “You are? Okay,” she said, turning back to Leno. The she snapped her head back to Butler, “Yeah, but you have no money.” Love her! Watch the video after the jump.

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