Lost fans were treated to an essential hour of entertainment and story on Tuesday with “Ab Aeterno,” certainly the best episode so far this season and already considered by some as one of the best Lost episodes ever. Amid the giddy, there is some soberness, too: we’re now halfway through the final season. Only nine more hours left, then Lost goes away. In fact, as we speak, Team Lost is hard at work making the two-hour series finale scheduled for May 23. Said finale happens to have a title, and if you wish to know what it could be, listen to the newest official Lost podcast hosted by exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, which you’ll find here exclusively for the next day. (Big thanks to Lost prodcast producer Kris White!) I’d preview the contents and give you a harder sell, but I haven’t listened to it, it’s so hot off the presses. And I thought you’d appreciate it if I got it out to you ASAP instead of hogging it all to myself. Appreciate me! Without further ado: Listen!

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