Lady Gaga

Just when you thought Lady Gaga’s fashion was unattainable, inaccessible, or prohibited from being worn in many public places, one of the designers who helped shape the wacky yet fabulous look of her Tarantino-tinged “Telephone” video has made the art of Gaga possible for the rest of us. L.A.-based designer Brian Lichtenberg, who crafted the now-famous crime scene tape number that Gaga donned in the video, is creating a line of graphic tees for Forever 21, making it the mega-chain’s first designer collaboration.

His designs have also found fans in Beyoncé and Rihanna, though the avant-garde factor will presumably be tamed down a bit for the mass market. But even with some dilution, I’m expecting cool prints and cut-outs, and hopefully a few nods to his celebrity work. The line sounds like it’d be the perfect weekend option — just cross your fingers that you don’t cross paths with a 12-year-old rocking the same tee.

What do you guys think of the design collaboration? Are you going to get a piece of Gaga for yourself?

Photo: PopWatch