Image Credit: Cameron: Tony DiMaio/Startraks Photo; Beck: M. Caulfield/Getty ImagesJames Cameron pulls no punches. And he has no use for Fox TV host Glenn Beck. At a press conference to promote the DVD release of Avatar, Cameron eviscerated the conservative pundit and challenged him to a debate about the environment. The Oscar-winning director called Beck “dangerous” and his ideas “poisonous,” but he seemed mostly offended by being called the anti-Christ by Beck back in 2007, when the then-CNN host criticized Cameron’s TV documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

Beck, clearly, isn’t a fan of Cameron’s work either. During that same 2007 broadcast, this is how he described his affection for Cameron’s previous biggest movie in history: “Anyone who got dragged to see Titanic or was subjected to repeated playings of that Celine Dion song that just made you beg for death and would never go away, while your moron friends kept shouting, ‘I’m the king of the world,’ every time they found a good parking spot, you probably suspect what I’ve believed for years. Only a force of pure evil could have directed that film.”

Them’s fighting words, but I have no interest in witnessing the pointless excercise of putting these two in a room to debate the issues. There’s only one way to settle this feud, and that’s mano a mano combat wearing Avatar‘s exoskeletal AMP suits — during halftime of the Super Bowl. What could be more American than two polarizing personalities battling in space-age weaponry at the 50-yard line of Cowboys Stadium? I think Rupert Murdoch, whose companies employ Beck and financed Cameron’s film, can and should make this happen.

I can’t think of a downside to this, but perhaps you have another idea as to how these two can settle their differences?

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