By Mike Bruno
Updated July 29, 2020 at 06:31 PM EDT

This new commercial for Glee‘s April 13 return, featuring Lea Michele’s Rachel belting out a Broadway-flavored version of “Like a Prayer,” presumably from the upcoming all-Madonna episode, gives a little taste of everything I love about the girl. Michele’s huge voice, born-to-be-on-stage persona, adorable comedic half-smile, and smokin’ hot, half-size-too-small school girl sweater dress all serve as reminders that she alone is reason enough to for me to keep watching Glee. (And yes, the sprinkling of awesome Sue Sylvesterisms certainly adds to the allure.)

My favorite Rachel moment ever — and frankly, also the moment I fell in love with Glee — was when she sang “Take a Bow” to Finn as he got all kissy-face cute with Quinn in the hallway, seemingly turning his back on what Rachel felt was their budding romance. Michele brought a pained sense of high school vulnerability to the song that drummed up so many memories of school hallway heartache, and at least in my opinion, easily trumped Rihanna’s cockier original. I’m pretty stoked to see what sexy-innocent greatness — and yes, great talent IS sexy — Michele delivers next.

What about you, PopWatchers? Fave Rachel/Lea Michele moment ever? Who’s pumped for April 13?

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