By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated March 24, 2010 at 11:16 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Fox NewsYou had to sit through a lecture on how bomb-throwing hippies from the 1960s have taken over the U.S. government — did you know that President Obama is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to grant illegal immigrants the vote? — but towards the end of his show today, Fox’s Glenn Beck fired back at James Cameron. As you may have read on, the Avatar director took aim at Beck yesterday during a press conference promoting Avatar’s DVD release. Cameron called Beck “dangerous” and his Global Warming-denying ideology “poisonous.” He also took objection to Beck calling him the “anti-Christ” back in 2007, when Beck was a host on CNN. (“Only a force of pure evil could have directed [Titanic],” Beck opined back then.)

Well, this afternoon Beck bit back. “The following segment is a Fox television first — it’s Fox News 3-D,” he said, whipping on a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses. “Yes, James, I am guilty. I did call James Cameron the anti-Christ. But only because of the Celine Dion song. Horrific. Really. But the best part is, this guy has carried this joke around for three long years. This guy is making a billion dollars on a Smurf-murdering movie and he’s stewing about a joke that nobody heard on a network nobody watched! It’s time to walk away from the CGI, Jim. Just for a minute. I don’t think he’s just upset with me, though. He’s also upset with you too,” Beck went on, nodding into the camera, at his show’s viewers. “Because you’re a global warming denier.”

As basic cable feuds go, this one doesn’t quite have the seat-of-your-pants entertainment value of, say, George Clooney versus Bill O’Reilly, or even John Stewart versus Jim Cramer. But these are early rounds. Maybe Cameron will take it up a notch tomorrow. If you were Jim Cameron, what would you say to Glenn Beck, Pop Watchers? (Also, if you were Jim Cameron, could we have some of your money?)


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