March 23, 2010 at 09:37 PM EDT

Akon has been denied a visa by the Sri Lankan government, and will not be allowed to perform a planned concert in April, Reuters reports. This news comes a day after hundreds of protesters attacked the offices of one of the concert’s sponsors in response to footage in the singer’s video for “Sexy Bitch,” which depicts women dancing suggestively in front of a statue of Buddha. According to a government official, he is being accused of “defaming Buddhism in his music videos.”

UPDATE: Akon has released this statement: “I was not aware that the statue was even on the set of the video until now. I would never set out to offend or desecrate anyone’s religion or religious beliefs.  I myself am a spiritual man, so I can understand why they are offended, but violence is never the answer and I am disheartened to hear about what happened yesterday in Sri Lanka.”

American Talent Agency, the booking company responsible for the concert, had this to say, “Due to the recent events that transpired yesterday in Sri Lanka, we have decided to postpone Akon’s upcoming show. We are working diligently with the local promoters to ensure the safety of both our talent and the fans before committing to a new date. Akon is looking forward to performing for the people of Sri Lanka and we hope to have this situation resolved in the coming weeks.”

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