Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosDuring a routine scrape, American Idol producers found Miley Cyrus at the bottom of a barrel next to some Hannah Montana doll hair and decided to make her a guest mentor on tomorrow night’s show. Cyrus will bestow unto the Top 11 contestants bits of wisdom such as “Wear boots” and “Sound like a chain smoker,” and then she’ll perform her hit “When I Look At You” on Wednesday’s results show, according to a press release from Fox.

Are we really that surprised? The point of American Idol is to become a successful recording artist, not a good singer. It’s nice when the evidence of both co-mingle in the bloodstream of a teenager with a perfect face for extreme close-ups, but let’s not forget that this singing competition is also a three-month-long audition to star in a car commercial. I am a little shocked, though, that the Idol people don’t think we’ll immediately turn the channel if Miley attempts to explain herself via “singing.” That’s not gonna be good for business. That’s not gonna be good for anyone.

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