Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, allegedly stopped performing CPR on the late singer and delayed calling 911 so he could gather and hide various drugs at the scene, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Alberto Alvarez, Jackson’s logistics director, told investigators last June that Murray grabbed a few drug vials and told Alvarez to store them in a plastic bag. Murray then allegedly told Alvarez to put the plastic bag inside a brown canvas bag, and asked Alvarez to also remove an IV bag containing a milky white substance and store it in another blue canvas bag. Alvarez said that Murray waited until the bags were filled before asking the logistics director to call paramedics. Two days after Jackson’s death, Murray led police to a closet in Jackson’s bedroom, where they found the anesthetic Propofol and other sedatives stored inside a bag.

Jackson’s death on June 25 was ruled a homicide caused by an overdose of Propofol and other sedative medications, according to the Los Angeles coroner. Murray was charged last month with one count of involuntary manslaughter. The doctor pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, denied that his client attempted to hide any drugs. Chernoff also told the AP that Alvarez’s first and second statements to investigators have been inconsistent. “He didn’t say any of those things, then two months later, all of a sudden, the doc is throwing bottles into the bag,” Chernoff said.