By Adam B. Vary
Updated March 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

From the trio of cheetahs bringing down an ostrich, to the pod of bottlenose dolphins stirring up the sea bed for food, last night’s two-part premiere of the Discovery Channel mini-series Life definitely delivered a gaggle (a herd! a flock! a school!) of jaw-dropping HD goodness. If I had to pick just one standout critter from the first hour, though, I’d have to give it up for the Stalk-Eyed Fly.

To repeat, this flyliterally inflates its own head because, as narrator Oprah Winfrey tells us, “Females love a bug with really long stalks.” Oprah! How ribald!

My standout for the second, reptile-and-amphibian-centric hour was far and away the formidable komodo dragon. But because my mom usually reads my Popwatch posts, and because she (like I imagine many of you) is very much not a fan of lizards of any stripe, I’ll post that clip after the jump. (Mom, now’s the time to watch Idolatry.)

Later, as the water buffalo weakened over an agonizing three weeks, more and more komodos began to gather and wait. When water buffalo finally fell for good, the non-fire-breathing dragons stripped the body to the bone in just four hours. Talk about cold blooded.

What did you make of last night’s two-part Life, Popwatchers? Which animals wowed you? And when the show turned to the hippos, did you start imagining Oprah bellowing “Hippopooootamus! — or was that just me?