By Ken Tucker
March 21, 2010 at 03:19 PM EDT
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It’s an unusually busy Sunday night on TV tonight. New episodes of familiar shows, season premieres, and one new series. I’m really curious: How will you be spending your TV time tonight?

For me, the big event is the return of Breaking Bad, which has a third-season opener full of menace, humor, and excitement, as Bryan Cranston’s Walt and Aaron Paul’s Jesse face fresh stress and the aroma of meth-to-be-made. Woo-hoo!

Not that I want to influence your vote or anything. Perhaps you’re more intrigued by the current cast of Celebrity Apprentice, with Donald Trump’s rug vying for attention with the hair explosion that is Cyndi Lauper?

Will you be watching Undercover Boss, with “the CEO of an online shipping giant” going undercover to find this week’s “unsung heroes” — i.e., the people who actually do the physical work, as opposed to the boss?:

Or are you hooked on this season’s Desperate Housewives? I must admit I abandoned that ship near the start of this season. Much as I was enjoying Dana Delany and Eva Longoria Parker’s performances, the mis-use of Felicity Huffman and general repetitiousness have turned me off.

But maybe you’ll be watching ABC after the housewives, when Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premieres. As I say in the current issue of EW, this is one of the better, more real-seeming reality shows in a while. It’s worth it just to see Brit chef Oliver meet stiff resistence from a town that’s considered the “most unhealthy place in America.”

Or, as I suggested yesterday, perhaps The Discovery Channel’s Life?

So I ask: What will you be watching tonight? Vote and comment below. Thanks.

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