By Ken Tucker
Updated March 20, 2010 at 06:36 PM EDT

A big must-watch of the weekend is Life, the first two episodes of the Discovery channel’s eye-popping nature documentaries. Just look at this clip and tell me you don’t want to see more of that fly getting snagged by the Venus flytrap, or those whales do that swirling, perfect circle in the water:

This weekend’s second episode, “Reptiles and Amphibians,” features this little tale of the waterfall toad — “the size of a postage stamp,” says narrator Oprah Winfrey — and how it escapes death from a snake sneaking up behind it:

Eeek! I mean, really, there are hours of this kind of thing, and you can’t believe how the cameras captured these moments.

What do you think? Up for some nature and adventure on Life?

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