By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated March 19, 2010 at 09:02 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Love: Amanda Schwab/, Hilton: Albert L. Ortega / PR PhotosFor the third year in a row, gossip blog magnate Perez Hilton is throwing a “One Night in Austin” party on SXSW’s final evening (presented by SWAGG; thanks, sponsors). He recently announced the artists who will perform at the Saturday night event, an eclectic bunch including his label signee Sliimy, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, Estelle — and an unnamed “surprise guest” going on last of all at 1:20 A.M.

Who could it be? Rumors have flown around Austin this week. The most intriguing one I heard was that the surprise guest might be Perez’s pal Lady Gaga. That would have been pretty cool, but sadly, it’s not the case. (Unless Gaga is an unannounced fake-out double-surprise guest? Holding out hope!)

Reps for Perez Hilton’s party tell the Music Mix that the surprise headliner will, in fact, be Courtney Love and Hole. Love is already set to introduce the band’s new lineup at a daytime event this afternoon, as well as another show late tonight, so if I’m counting correctly Perez’s party will be this iteration of Hole’s third live gig ever in the U.S. I’ll be at “One Night in Austin” all Saturday night; check back here on Sunday for a full report.

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