By Annie Barrett
Updated March 19, 2010 at 07:17 PM EDT

Jamie Oliver, he of the ketchup bottle in the shape of a tomato and baby daughter named Petal Blossom Rainbow (admittedly a much prettier name than her brother Oven-Roasted Root Vegetable), wages battle against American obesity in Sunday’s sneak preview of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC, 10 p.m. ET). The Food Revolution is definitely a war worth fighting, but will it be good TV? Watch the first two seconds of the following promo and you’ll see Jamie is certainly trying his best to shock you shock you shock you with that deviant behavior…

Okay, to be fair, that pile of grub could probably kill your children just by falling on top of them. So maybe he’s right. We should be more aware of what’s in our food. Alternatively, we could just give up and ape the New York City public school system, which recently banned home-baked goods from public school bake sales — but prepackaged snack items like Doritos and Pop-Tarts are fine. Most depressing thing I read on the subway this morning. (Just for reference, today’s Metro also featured an interview with Karl Lagerfeld about how we would all sleep exclusively with high-class escorts if we were all really rich. He’s probably right. Time to eat my slice of cafeteria cake!)

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