The trailer for The Greatest does everything right: It gives us a charming close-up of Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan (An Education) early, plenty of shots of Pierce Brosnan in a blue dress shirt (which he should always be wearing), and a weepy, angry Susan Sarandon. Brosnan and Sarandon play the parents of a young man who dies in a car accident while on his first date with Mulligan after much eye flirting. Three months later, she shows up to tell them she’s pregnant and has nowhere to go, and they take her in. There’s a lightness about Mulligan that balances the darkness of the grieving family. “The girl who changes everything” can be an annoying, cliché construct in movies, but not when she’s played by someone as good as Mulligan. You believe her when she says she barely knew the boy, but he was the love of her life. I’m in. You?