By John Young
Updated March 18, 2010 at 10:55 PM EDT

Ryan Seacrest has still not addressed or issued an apology for spoiling the result of Wednesday night’s American Idol on his Twitter account. After Idol finished filming at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles, Seacrest tweeted the following: “Packed radio show tomorrow… got tonight’s voted-off Idol Lacey Brown.” However, the tweet was sent out to Seacrest’s 3 million followers before the program starting airing on the West Coast at 9 p.m., sparking a Twitter backlash against the Idol host. Coincidentally or not, Wednesday’s Idol ratings in the 18-49 age demographic were the show’s lowest in its history for a “regularly scheduled in-season episode,” according to The Washington Post.

Seacrest did not bring up the controversy during his Thursday morning radio show. Fox had no comment, and Seacrest’s rep has not returned EW’s calls.