By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 17, 2010 at 07:59 PM EDT

SPOILER! I am not proud of how many times I’ve rewound that office scene last night between Will and Alicia. Nor can I believe that I just emailed one of the show’s publicists asking her to find out from one of the exec producers what Will was going to say when Alicia interrupted his “Are we…” line to return his kiss. After watching it for the 10th time, I started wondering if he had a full sentence in mind, or if he just intended to say “Are we [insert nod toward the couch].”

According to Robert King, one of the show’s cocreators, they thought the interrupted line would have been “Are we making a mistake?”

“And as for the nod…well, we’ll leave that to your imaginations,” the rep adds. “Try to stay out of the gutter tho. lol.”

Okay, now I’m slightly mortified, but the people needed to know. The “people” being me and the two friends who texted me immediately following the scene. (Did you need to phone someone, too?)

Even though I would have preferred understandably aroused Alicia not have ended up on top of Peter, Julianna Margulies has never looked sexier than she did standing in the doorway to his bedroom. Thinking about it, I do sort of like that Alicia used her cheating husband for sex. Knowing that Will might’ve thought that starting something was a mistake too (or was he just voicing what he thought she was thinking?) makes me believe that they can actually go back to the way things were — where the tension is there, but it doesn’t have to be addressed in every episode. They buried whatever they had at Georgetown (!) and have been able to work side-by-side. They can do it again. For now… What date is that dinner?

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