Today, Lady Gaga showed up in the Sydney airport with Diet Coke cans in her hair. I have several questions. Does this mean that Lady Gaga is in favor of the proposed New York soda tax? Is she explicitly referencing Andy Warhol’s Coke Bottles? How does this fit into the final season of Lost? Did she just run out of curlers?

Gaga debuted the Coke-can look in her recent video, “Telephone,” a hyper-referential decadent-trash opera that we here at have not been shy about loving. (Seriously, it’s fantastic.) The thing that I like most about Gaga is how she can take something that seems very banal – soda cans, crutches, a honey bun, a piano – and make that thing seem deeply perverse and uncomfortably alive. It’s a little bit H.R. Giger and a little bit X-rated anime, and it’s got me thinking: What other blandly normal things can Gaga turn crazy with her spooky-scary magic?

Just looking around my desk, I’m seeing a stapler, a pink highlighter, and a pile of post-it notes. I’m picturing a music video set in an Office Space-ish cubicle world. A spaceship from Neptune and/or the future crashlands. Gaga emerges, wearing a dress made entirely of post-it notes. A battle ensues when the locals fire exploding mini-lasers out of their pink highlighters. That’s when the dancing staplers show up, and things get NSFW.

This is fun! PopWatchers, what things from your daily life would you like to see Lady Gaga turn into a Pop Art fashion object?