By Michael Ausiello
Updated March 17, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Glenn Watson/USA; Inset: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosEvil will have a new face next season on Burn Notice, and it’ll look a lot like the guy in the inset to the left. His name’s Robert Wisdom, he’s best known from his work on The Wire (as Bunny), Prison Break (as Lechero), and Supernatural (as bad angel Uriel), and sources confirm to me exclusively he’s joining the cast of the USA smash as the latest thorn in Michael’s side.

According to a Burn insider, Wisdom will play — Alias flashback alert! — Vaughn, a veteran spy handler who works for the group that burned Michael. Possessing an impressive combination of high-end book smarts and real-world experience, he’s smart, world-weary, and ruthless.

The addition of Wisdom, who is on board for a minimum of six episodes, marks the second major piece of casting for Burn Notice‘s upcoming fourth season. Last week I reported that Third Watch‘s Coby Bell had been recruited as a new operative.