Last night’s 90210 focused on the connections that propel relationships forward. They can be physical, emotional, or based on shared experiences. For many at West Bev, a distinct connection was lacking, making the future of those relationships seem all the more uncertain. Here’s a quick rundown:

The beautiful yet boring couple:Liam and Naomi continued to dine together over a feast of awkward silences and crappy cafeteria food. Determined to finally get things right, Naomi begged Ivy for some insight on their lack of connection and Liam’s stiffness (outside the bedroom, of course). Ivy reluctantly agreed.

The don’t-give-me-attitude-even-though-I’m-blackmailing-you-to-go-out-with-me couple: Jasper declared that he and Annie weren’t connecting because they hadn’t been intimate (not because he’s a lying, creepy drug dealer). Completely grossed out, Annie finally got in on the manipulation game by using Jasper’s feelings for her as collateral for her freedom. She broke up with him and said that if he turns her in, he’ll destroy any and all possibility that they will ever get together.

The awkward exes who shared a kiss: Silver announced that she doesn’t want to get back together with Dixon, but that she does want to be friends, and during a platonic lunch, she reminded him that they are justthat, at every chance she got. “This is nice right, us hanging out, being friends?” The truth came out that Savannah is Teddy’s sister, not girlfriend, as Dixon had led Silver to believe, hence her reason for calling Teddy a player and rejecting him at the dance. Disgusted with her new “friend’s” actions, Silver stormed off, leaving Dixon without a girlfriend, without a friend, and with the check.

More than friends?Adrianna and Gia continued to bond over their attempts at recovery and shared heartache, competing to see who can be most miserable. They decided to have a pity party together, equipped with tear-jerkers like Love Story, An Affair to Remember, and The Notebook. Yawn.

For Ivy-Liam-Naomi’s day of fun, Ivy suggested a long hike in the mountains. Naomi did her best to feign excitement, “I love the outdoors! All the rocks, dirt… a chance to wear khaki!” AnneLynne McCord is like a 40-year-old in a 17-year-old’s body and I absolutely love it. (Her attempts at hiking reminded me of Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills.) She has honed her comedic timing and is beginning to rival Blair Waldorf for the title of biggest diva with the best one-liners. After the hike left her feeling suspicious of Ivy’s intentions, Naomi worked to her strengths, attempting her best bombshell impression on the beach before turning psycho and instigating a girl fight with Ivy moments later. After hair pulling and scratching, Naomi finally expressed her frustration at just how awkward she and Liam are together. She explained how hard she’s been trying, and that she was giving up. “If you don’t like me for who I am, then that’s just too damn bad!” Amen, sister!

Dixon eventually confessed to Teddy that he was the reason Silver didn’t give him a chance. “What the hell bro?!” He gave Teddy a free pass for a sucker punch right to the gut, and of course Teddy did not pass it up. In this perverse male bonding ritual, Teddy now had the green light from Dixon to “go for it” with Silver.

Ready to come clean herself, Annie struggled to express her thoughts regarding her hit-and-run. As she was toying with the opener “Dear Mom and Dad something really terrible happened on prom night…” (every parent’s favorite first line), JASPER popped up in her window. He spouted a lame quote about loving someone and setting them free, explaining he’d rather take the risk of losing Annie in hopes that they will one day get back together, and fled back into the night. Good choice, crazy.

Gia’s ex-girlfriend Alexa confessed that she wanted to get back together. “Are you jealous cause I’ve been hanging out with Aid?” Gia asked. Translation: “Have you noticed that I’m obsessed with her?” Gia soon joined Adrianna for her pity party and the two shared junk food and a few laughs, typical of a girl bonding session, except for those longing glances Gia directed Adrianna’s way, further laying the groundwork for their eventual romance.

Silver took a chance on Teddy, asking him not to hurt her, and the two shared a kiss on the tennis court. Liam revealed to Naomi that things were awkward because he hadn’t seen the girl he had originally fallen for, and he preferred that ballsy, opinionated Naomi. Aww. Annie was reunited with her friends and can once again talk about LSDs (little sequin dresses) and continue to pretend like she didn’t kill someone. But probably not for long, as creepy Jasper was lurking in the alley across from the restaurant, watching her every move.

And finally, after casual references to Dixon’s “birth mother” were awkwardly placed throughout the episode … the mother in question showed up at the Wilson’s front door. Here comes some new drama (and a slew of new story lines). How will this shake things up in Dixon’s life? What about his family?

PopWatchers, are you excited that Silver and Teddy finally got together? Happy to see that Naomi and Liam made it through their awkwardness? What about the hippie cougar (serious downgrade) Mr. Matthew picked up in the bar, who just so happens to be Ivy’s mom? (my eyes!)

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