By Catherine Garcia
Updated March 16, 2010 at 06:04 PM EDT
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It’s back! MTV’s ridiculously addictive series True Life returned last night with a somewhat somber edition: “I Need a Transplant.” But the show isn’t always so serious — Following young adults as they navigate through life, True Life episodes have ranged from funny (“I Have Embarrassing Parents”) to strange (“I’m Obsessed with My Dog”) to depressing (“I’m Dead Broke”). It’s a reality show that actually, for once, feels real.

Because I’m fairly sure I’ve seen every episode ever — I could star in True Life: I Have Too Much Time On My Hands — I’ve comprised my five most memorable True Life moments. (See them after the jump!)

“I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth”

As someone who is terrified of needles, the shows revolving around drug use are hard for me to watch. But dang, are they powerful. Everything’s shown, from injections to withdrawals. Want to make kids stay away from drugs? Make ’em watch five minutes of this.

“I’m Looking for My Mother

Watching Debra, a soon-to-be college grad, look for her drug-addicted homeless mother in overgrown fields and underneath freeway overpasses was heartbreaking. If that didn’t make you want to hug your mom I don’t know what will.

“I’m Getting Plastic Surgery

There have been a few episodes on this subject matter, but the original sticks in my mind, thanks to the dude who kept whining about how he was sooooo perfect except for his calves (or lack thereof). He got implants, but remained a jackass.

“I Live in the Projects”

This was one of those compelling episodes that sucked me in because it was about a world I’ve never really seen before.Watching Dino try to keep his young nephews on the straight and narrow and Vikki work to move out of the neighborhood where her boyfriend was murdered was inspiring.

“I’m Getting Married

Before Snooki and Pauly D, there were Charlie and Sabrina. Two other couples were featured on this classic True Life episode, but these guidos in love stole the show. You know you remember Charlie pacing up and down the street, screaming into his cell phone at the tardy limo driver, “I will hunt you down like f—ing cattle! I will gut you!” That still brings a smile to my face.

True Life has had many memorable moments, and my list is nowhere near complete. What are your favorite True Life episodes?

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