By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 16, 2010 at 05:18 PM EDT
Solarpix/PR Photos; Everett Collection; Chris Ashford/Camera Press/Retna Ltd

Image Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos; Everett Collection; Chris Ashford/Camera Press/Retna LtdA Steven Spielberg-produced script about Jackie Kennedy is making the studio rounds, and word is that HBO may buy it. The script — written by Noah Oppenheim, the head of development at Reveille — follows the late First Lady in the days immediately following husband John F. Kennedy’s assassination. It sounds fascinating — I would love even a fictionalized telling of what the calm, cool, collected-seeming Jackie was doing and feeling following the devastating loss of her partner-in-iconhood, especially given the never-ending speculation about his very public shooting and very private affairs. Spielberg and HBO seem like the perfect match for the project.

The next logical question: Who should play the First Lady of First Ladies? Joan Allen and Diane Lane both immediately popped into my head — they have the poise, the gravitas, the beauty, and the skill to pull it off. They’re both about a decade older than Jackie was at the time of JFK’s death — 34 — which wouldn’t bother me, since they look spectacular. But are there others who could/should pull it off? Would you rather see a Rachel McAdams (who might not exactly look the part, but has the requisite polish and could certainly dye her hair for the occasion)? Could Audrey Tatou or Marion Cotillard de-Frenchify themselves for it? Could Thandie Newton give it a shot?

Whom would you cast as Jackie O, PopWatchers?